Commercial Property Signage Mockups - Aurora Mental Health Center, CO

Brainstorms and Mockups for Sign & Brand - All Saints Church, FL

Signage Specs for city approvals, hand carving & painting, mockup of application to building features - The Curtice Center, CO

Interior rough ideas, Completed space - The Curtice Center, CO

Purchasing, Gutting, Branding, Designing, Promoting, Professional Counseling Offices - The Curtice Center, CO

Census 2020 - community outreach and promotion

Adapted US govt standards for local usage, wrapping fleet vehicle to promote Census. Designed and produced final scaled vector art.

Designing & directing production, Hand-sewn, Liturgical banners (rough scale 7' max ht) - St Timothy's Church, CO

Designing & producing Hand-sewn portable Banner for Youth Athletics - Heritage High School - CO

Custom accents for pet-lover's interior - Private commision, CO

Youth Center brainstorms, sadly modified to Memorial Youth Center upon passing of contractor's teen. - St Timothy's Church, CO

Scaled rough floorplans, for, functional, flexible, youth-friendly Youth Center  - St Timothy's Church, CO

Sketch of "Respectful yet Lively"memorial wall for parents of deceased, multi-generational use of finished space. St Timothy's Church, CO

Informal photos of Drennen O'Melia Memorial Youth Center (aka: D-Zone) - St Timothy's Church, CO

Empowering teens make ideas come to life, designing & fabricating floats, set designs, etc - Littleton Public Schools, CO

Leading Art classes of children & transforming results to benefit Public School fundraising efforts - Littleton Public Schools, CO

Informal Art-therapy with Youth!

Sketched rough design,  helped original artist re-claim mural wall  previously destroyed, with a new mural  in a one-day graffiti marathon.