Design, Editing Educational Brochure - Drennens Dreams Foundation, CO

Design promotional leave-behind Brochure for Contruction company - OMac Construction, CO

Annual Report & Recruitment Handout, with flexible enclosures, Design, Illustration - All Saints Church, FLA

Tamura Family 50th Anniversary event invitations, with blossom-fold envelope, Design  - Private commision, CA

Design & Illustration, silkscreened t-shirt, self-promotion to clients of full-service Print Company - employer, Precision Graphics, CO

Silk-screened t-shirt Event Design and precise pre-press production for duct tape simulation - Diocese of Colorado, CO

Aurora Mental Health Center, Annual Report 2018, Aurora Sentinel Spread

All photography, design, info-graphics, for print and digital usage various formats.

Lead designer & contact for client, Kal Kan Foods product lines brand maintenance, and production - employer, Leon Richman Design, CA

Program for Youth Sports  - Littleton Public Schools, CO

Design identity and adapt to working papers, with distinct target audiences - Music Direction Small Business  - CO

Design outer shell with interchangeable inserts for Movie Theatre Services Managment Company - Pacer Cats, CO

Design, Photograph, Illustrate, Copy edit, informational tri-ifold for Facilities - client - government agency*

(*redacted content & client for online version - printed sample available by request)

Design logo, promotional materials, cover art & internal contents Amazon-listed 

in both print and Kindle e-book (awarded bronze state self-publishiing design)

Design Invitation & swag per standards provided via MLB for Client Appreciation Event  - MCI Communications